We are a company that assist for any type of office work and also work on any type for Data Entry / Processing, work order / bill / invoice processing for different kind of business including Insurance and Property Preservation order processing.

Obviously it is not that we know everything how you do your work. But of course if it is something new then you can train us within a very short period of time due to our previous vast of experience and knowledge to perform it exactly how you want .

Also we can convert all your paper works into a digital platform in a perfect and simple way using all simple operating tools and then you can work on it sitting anywhere else of the world onto your computer, laptop, tab or cell phone.

Here are the job we usually do:

   * Data Entry (Online / Offline) 
   * Data Processing
   * Product Data Entry
   * Application Forms Data Entry
   * Order Entry and Processing
   * Transaction Data Processing
   * Invoice and Billing Data Entry Processing
   * Forms Processing

   * Order Processing

   * Image to Text Conversion
   * E-Book Conversion
   * Document Conversion
   * Insurance Data Processing
   * Property Preservation Order Processing
   * We make all paper work to online based
   * Or any other work that you can train us



6620 NW 70 Ave
Tamarac, FL 33321


​Phone: (954)-645-1226, (305)-901-3233

Skype: placidian.co


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